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Sugar Packaging


Swisspac manufactures Sugar Packaging bags & pouches with premium quality materials. Sugar is one of the most consumed and favorite products in all the houses in the world. Sugar has many different shapes and colors.


Our sugar packaging bags protect it from :
Oxygen and

It maintains a sweet and sweet flavor for a longer time.


We manufacture several types and forms packaging bags for sugar such as:
straight bags
flat base bags
pillow shape bags.


We offer you two choices, stock pouches and custom made ones with logo design printed on your products. We have a distinguished team of graphic designers. If you do not have design or have an old one and want to change it, we provide you with this service.


If you think about more addition in bags, than there are several possibilities to add other features to the envelope and attract more shoppers, such as:

Euro Slots
Tear notches
Slots for hanging instead of placing the product on the shelf
Transparent window

Sugar Packaging

Sugar Packing Bags

Sugar Packaging Design

Sugar Packing Design

Sugar Packages

Sugar Packages

Custom Sugar Packaging

Custom Sugar Packing Bags

Powder Sugar Packaging

Powder Sugar Packaging

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